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Dr Grocott works with reputable organisations that provide worthwile services to the public at large. He delivers cost-effective digital content directives, based on sound analytical judgements, and other marketing management solutions to those who need or want his help. If you don't have any data, or you don't know how to get it, he can also help you with this.  


Dr Grocott is also an Essex based writer. He recently completed his PhD thesis - a dystopian piece of speculative fiction in which the Earth’s population begins mutating into panda-people. He has worked as a professional actor and as a professional artist, and is available to act or make art for anyone willing to pay him (though usually people pay him not to do these things).


When not writing SF novels, doodling or acting, Dr Grocott works as a freelance marketing consultant and/or copyeditor for a select (or small) group of clients. He often writes content for websites targeting keywords for search engine optimisation. He's been meaning to optimise his own site for some time now... 


Dr Grocott graduated from the University of Essex in 2010 with a first class BA (Hons) in Creative Writing. He has since completed his MA with distinction in the same subject at the same place, and his Creative Writing PhD with the UoE as well.


His creative writing is fairly distinctive; often disarmingly accessible, occasionally funny and typically incorporates way too many parentheses (like these). His academic essays were frequently described as “overly chatty” or “uncommonly informal”, but (despite this) they always achieved rather high marks.        


Dr Grocott welcomes questions about himself or his works (as these are his favourite subjects), but he will willingly talk at length about pretty much anything you can imagine. Get in touch if you would like to know more.  

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